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The online programme aims to enhance the capabilities of higher education professionals by providing them with vital knowledge and skills to modernise their educational practices. The focus of the DWELL Online Programme is on nurturing a productive hybrid learning environment. This programme is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of various roles within higher education institutions, including lecturers, administrative staff, department heads, and student support teams. We recognise that the swift transition to online and hybrid learning can be challenging, especially as digital education methods may not have been a significant part of their previous training. Therefore, this programme seeks to be a comprehensive guide through this period of transformation, offering the necessary support to overcome the challenges and harness the opportunities of digital and hybrid education methods.

Course Description

The DWELL Online Programme equips participants from higher education institutions with the necessary tools and understanding to excel in a digital and hybrid learning environment. The programme covers essential areas such as enhancing productivity, optimising educational processes, and managing hybrid learning teams effectively. It explores aspects of digital wellbeing, offering strategies for stress prevention and immediate interventions in the educational context. Participants will develop insights into digital inclusivity, learning to cultivate a sense of belonging within a hybrid learning setting. The programme also highlights the significance of digital sustainability in education, providing practical measures and tools for educational institutions to ensure sustainable digital practices. This comprehensive programme is designed to empower educators, administrators, and support staff to skillfully navigate the complexities and opportunities of the digital era in the context of higher education.

Course Features

6 Modules
5 Quizes
1 Final Quiz for Certification

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

Understand the principles of productivity in the digital era, optimise educational processes, maximise high-quality outcomes in hybrid learning environments, effectively manage hybrid teaching teams, and ensure digital cybersecurity within their educational institutions.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital wellbeing and education-related stress, assess and monitor wellbeing in hybrid learning environments, implement strategies for preventing and addressing education-related stress, and carry out effective immediate interventions.
Develop a clear understanding of digital inclusivity in the context of higher education, assess digital inclusivity within educational settings, foster a sense of belonging in hybrid learning environments, and utilise innovative methods to enhance inclusivity in hybrid educational formats.
Understand the context of digital sustainability in hybrid learning environments, take actionable steps towards achieving digital sustainability in education, and leverage digital sustainability tools specifically adapted for higher education institutions.

Learner’s Profile

As a proactive leader in the higher education sector, you have already recognised the need to embrace the benefits of remote and hybrid learning, while prioritising the wellbeing and inclusivity of your educational team and students. This programme will offer you the tools to better understand the dynamics within your digital learning teams, providing you with practical and innovative strategies to create a harmonious, productive, and inclusive learning environment. As you delve deeper into the programme, you will gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to implement changes that enhance educational productivity without compromising wellbeing or inclusivity. This programme is not just an investment in your professional development but also an opportunity to lead transformational changes within your institution, fostering a future-ready, digitally adept educational team.

Welcome aboard, and let's embark on this exciting educational journey together!

Educational Problem

The DWEL Online Programme is tailored to address significant educational gaps in contemporary teaching and administrative practices in higher education. With the rapid shift to remote and hybrid learning, many educators and administrators find themselves lacking the training necessary to navigate the complexities of leading in a digital environment. The programme addresses this challenge, focusing on fostering an understanding of digital inclusivity, enhancing digital productivity through effective tool use, and maintaining digital wellbeing to prevent burnout. Additionally, the programme aligns with transversal priorities within the European Union, promoting wellbeing and inclusivity in the digital learning space. It thus offers a comprehensive solution, preparing educators and administrators to adeptly meet these emerging challenges in the modern, digitally-focused educational landscape.

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After finishing the DWEL Online Course, you have the opportunity to register for a test on what you've learned throughout the course. If you pass this test, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that's equal to 9 hours of Continuous Professional Development(CPD). This certificate represents not only your success in the course but also your dedication to enhancing your skills in managing a healthy digital and hybrid work environment. It's a significant step in your professional growth, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to modernising management practices within your organisation. Don't miss out; register for the test today!

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