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A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Digital Wellbeing in the Academic Workplace

This guide offers essential insights and practical steps to help higher education lecturers manage digital engagement effectively, aiming to improve their overall wellbeing in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of academia. Designed for lecturers, teaching staff, and HEI managers, it addresses the unique challenges posed by the increased reliance on digital tools and platforms in teaching and administrative duties.

Through a blend of step-by-step strategies, real-world case studies, and expert recommendations, the guide empowers educators to foster a healthier digital work environment. It provides tools for self-assessment, techniques for reducing digital overload, and best practices for integrating digital wellbeing into the everyday life of academic professionals.

Who It's For: Higher education lecturers, teaching staff, and managers looking for actionable strategies to enhance digital wellbeing within their institutions.

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