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Result 01

Digital Wellbeing Report

The digital wellbeing report will raise awareness of the importance of achieving a balance between digital teaching and the wellbeing of lecturers who have been rapidly exposed to risks to their physical and psychological health that they have not had to with in the past!

Result 02

Digital Wellbeing Resource Pack

This resource pack will raise the knowledge, skills and practical capacity of managers and leaders of higher education institutions develop and introduce plans and policies which create a conductive environment for the digital wellbeing of their lecturers. This responds to the need for more knowledge in an easy to use and accessible resource.

Result 03

Digital Wellbeing Online course

This DWEL online course will provide Higher education lecturers with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be proactive in safeguarding their own digital wellbeing in order to maintain high quality teaching performance in the long term! Quickly learn the tools for shifting to online teaching and upskill your practical actions to prevent digital drain.

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